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Yongkang Zhenqing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
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Yongkang Zhenqing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing customized Caddy (drum), tin cans, Crystal tea, glass tea, pure tin tea, pure tin pen, pure tin tin mug and other gift products are used in all international exemption "YTC" as raw material, casting cutting, polishing mold, cut light and other traditional and modern multi-channel process is made, the product of rationalization formula containing 97% tin, product elegant, exquisite, artistic conception, often lasting the new luster and unique practical efficacy, both as a personal collection or gift, are enough to become the top choice!
Chaguan appearance pattern embossed tin variety, such as Thai style, Feast, Meilan Ju Bamboo, Bedford, Fortune, Gods Jubilee, unicorn, etc., available for customers to choose. Also for organs, enterprises units for personalized gifts and souvenirs design development and production.
Enterprises adhere to the "integrity management" concept, to create "Tin Yi Tong" brand "quality first, customer first, fast delivery," the purpose and dedication to customer service, welcome new and old customers to negotiate orders!
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